Ex Girlfriend Advice: Top 10 Strategies To Get A Girl Back

Everywhere in the world guys are hurting like hell because they have lost the love of there life, What you need most is the best honest ex girlfriend advice available to recover from that loss!

Don’t let your world end my brothers, The art of understanding your ex girlfriend is right here! Step by step we will get you threw… If It is A reconciliation you want! Then you will get good quality ex gilfriend stategies From Here

Quality Ex Girlfriend Advice From One Brother To Another!


Why Did You Loose Your Ex Girlfriend, Are You Man Enough To Realize

You will Not Rekindle True Love Without Knowing

  • Yes There are many reasons why men loose there ex girlfriends, it could be because you find other girls to irresistible, and go over board and become to much of a flirt.
  • It could be the temptation of other girls showing interest in you, and you cheated on her!
  • It could be that you were just to paranoid with her being around other guy’s! This particular statement is a very common problem, if you are that guy! Do you do Drugs!The are not helpful at all, being an ex marijuana smoker for 25years I can tell you that you relationship is better of without that kind of mind altering negative influence…Here Is A Great Resource To Kick Marijuana! Anything else you may need to seek a medical practitioner..
  • Or it could have been that you just didn’t know how to please your ex girlfriend! Men do tend to have a huge difficulty in communicating with there girlfriends, especially when there is emotion involved…
This is a huge problem that is plastered everywhere in help forums all over the net. And the general story behind those people “I was part of this group” is that they never had a positive example of real love while growing up!
As I understand it, we do become subject to some kind of cycle from what we subconsciously learn from the examples we have as children? To be able to break that cycle we must find the time to learn!

Another reason that many guys are insecure about, and a problem that you can learn to master is not providing them with enough Sexual Pleasure…There is an art to making love to a girl, especially if you want to keep them. For some really great love making lessons you could Visit This Site


Do You Know Of The 3 Most Valuable Ds

Dedication! Determination! Dicipline!

These three words are worth becoming a specialist in, with anything to do with life! They were introduced to me by one of the hardest Rugby League Players I had ever came across! And if you look up the dictionary and focus on what they mean contextually you will understand! But in a nutshell of my own they mean, basic principles to be the WINNER

HERE’S WHERE I SUGGEST YOU APPLY THESE D’s to get your ex girlfriend back,this guy guarantee,s what he can teach you! don’t let skepticism and being a tight ass stop you from learning and experiencing, what could be your best decision you have ever made to feel like you are the man!

And Get Your Girlfriend Back 🙂


The Golden Rule To Having A Good Relationship!

And to get back your ex girlfriend…


If there was just one thing that one needs to remember at the top of there mind at all times, it is this…
THE PRAYER OF SERENITY… even if you are not religious!
Learn To ACCEPT the things that you cannot CHANGE, And CHANGE the THINGS That YOU Can!

A big problem that couple have is that when they get into a relationship, one or the other tends to try and change the personality of there partner!

You can’t change somebody to suite you, however you can learn to treat them in a way that will get them to respond how you would love them to!


The Main Requirement You Will Need To Meet To Get Her Back!

There are no shortcuts if you want the real thing!

The get your ex girlfriend advice that everybody who is genuine and knows what they are talking about will tell you!. That before you make any attempt to try and win back her heart there are a couple of personal quests you need to conquer…
These quests are a must when you are fighting to prove that your love is genuine to an ex girlfriend, and they are all about you!# The first is to self analyze your relationship with your girl…
Look deep into the factors of what you were doing wrong! Whatever they may have been you have got the power to identify them, and put your focus an making the change, so those behaviors or habits will not effect your future relationships…
Everybody needs to change things in there life especially if they are not happy, it is those that have a head to big, and to weak to face up to reality,  who keep loosing…
# The second is about your how happy you are! and your self confidence.
Bro! for any girl to be attracted to you, you need to be happy! And to have self confidence is a super huge bonus… When you are in a relationship that has a lot of tension and is coming to the end, you loose a lot of confidence, and become unhappy without even realizing…
Until now when it gets pointed out…
Do you feel good and super confident?
So really!
One needs to get over the break up before you continue with, attempting to get there ex girlfriend back…
Or get themselves a new one!.


here is a poem of true love!

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The Best EX Girlfriend Advice Is Reasured !

You can here the advice from T Dub aswell…


10 Huge Tips For Winning Your Girl back


You may not be in the right frame of mind to be able understand all of these tips straight away. However they do outlay exactly what it takes for any man to successfully win back the love of any true love…


The basic TOP Fundamentals For Winning Your Girl Back



Get A Fresh New Look For Your Relationship

happy ex girlfriend advice
getting the right advice gave us a chance to reconnect on a whole new level

# Let it all go! The first is the most important of all.You have to let it all go. To win a girl back there has to be a time for healing. Do not under-estimate the all powerful art of time. This is great for the both of you, and very necessary.

She will only respond positively to you when she feels that you are cool calm, and collected.

# Preliminary STOP of communication! Most people who have lost the girl they long for, will have a natural tendency to ring, text email, or interrupt with a surprise visit! Usually to beg for mercy, and plead for another chance. This type of trying will only let you down, even if she fold it will only leave your relationship full of baggage and your girl will only give 25% of what you should, because it will feel like you have forced her back…

# 0 Jealousy Rule! Being a man myself, I know how hard it is not to be mr jealous. But I assure you it is the biggest wedge that all relationships can develop. She may go out with friends, men or woman and have some fun. Your best response is to give her praise if you get the chance. Or your girl could doing something that the two of you had always said you would do together, all in all, don’t be jelly bean. Be supportive or you could loose her for good…

# Sort out what went wrong! This does not just mean identify the problems you had with in your relationship. It actually means to take some action  to rectify anything that you may have had to contribute to why you need to win your girl back. If this requires the need to seek some anger management… Do It… If it require for you to put your life in order. Do it.. If you feel you need some help with anything, seek it…

# Be The Man You Were! Like most relationship we change and get slack after the honeymoon period is over. A girl does find this disappointing. And the best tool for you to get a girl back is to get back to that fun loving guy she fell for.

#Cheer Your Self Up! Your inner being is what give off your chemistry from one to another. It is soooo helpful for you to get out and give your self some excitement. whatever it is that gets you blood flowing and makes you feel happy! This is one tip not to ignore, as it is something that will make you or break you.

# Use Common Friends! Once you have gone there the tips above and are feeling confident the best way to get your ex girls attention to begin with is to let some common friends know about what your up to… hint:don’t let it be about you getting her back, it is about you getting over her and moving on!

# Smarten Yourself Up! Smooth is the word. Make sure you cool your self up a little, every girl loves a smooth looking dude. Clear up any acne, and keep the hair swish.

# Date Another Girl! A kinda last resort, but very powerful tip. Your girl may find this to hard, but at the end of the day, we as human beings love to have what we cannot have! Dating another girl will let you know for sure if there is any chance in winning your ex girlfriend.

# Show Her Your Dedication! All girls love a guy who is dedicated to them, if you get the chance to spend some time with your ex girlfriend, maybe go out in a date give her 100% of you attention. They know that we find it hard not to notice other pretty girls, concentrate on her, and notice her nice but rather than others…If you Can comprehend these basic fundamentals to winning your girl back! YOU will have no doubt a great chance to get her back in no time. And I can guarantee you relationship will grow greatly…

best 10 tips to wining back my girlfriend


13 thoughts on “Ex Girlfriend Advice: Top 10 Strategies To Get A Girl Back”

  1. Very good information in your post.

    My thing is, do you really want to go back?  Is it worth it?  I don’t know.  If you cheated or she cheated there really is no trust left is there?  If you are a jealous person she won’t want you back.

    I think it would be very hard to get back together once things have failed once so move on?

  2. My girlfriend broke up with me about 4 months back and I miss her like crazy liitle boy. I really don’t know why she did that with me as I always good with her and very caring too. Thanks for sharing your tips to get my ex back.I would try out them.Lets see what happen next.

  3. Winning an Ex GF back is usually harder than one expects and even when you do, things are going to be different compared with the good old past. I think all of your pieces of advice are helpful to win her back but “sorting out what went wrong” is the most important one. If someone wants to create a better relationship with a person that he broke up with, he should definitely look into the past and finds the root of the problem. Otherwise, even if he wins the relationship, it won’t be any better than the first time. Do you agree?

    Thanks for your cool advice.

  4. Afternoon Albert, thanks for your contribution. As for whether I agree about your feeling that it won’t be better! Of cause that would depend on the overall emotional factors of both parties. But I am talking and offering advice to Re Build LOVE here bro. If the love is great enough! And one grows up and takes a new but proven universal approach based on what actually works throughout the entire human race. Then of course the relationship will only get better… The problem that mostly effects your question is being confused with love and lust.

    All the best:)

  5. It sucks so bad when a relationship falls apart.  Too many people these days have no clue hoe hard you have to work to maintain and keep a great relationship.  Your article says so much and people should be reading this page.  I am here to tell you that you can get your ex back and it can be better than ever because it personally happened to me.

  6. Thanks for this great post, it has given my plenty of food for thought to think over my past relationships. I have never left a girl or cheated on one but somehow they always leave me in the end. I just dont know whay, but I am going to follow you advice hear and see if I can win back the last girl. wish me luck!!

  7. Great tips and advice here Rob, nice to see support for guys in relationships online and not just girls. From my point of view as a woman, what resonated with me from your article is all the elements of focusing on yourself to be the best version of you. The best you can be. I believe this is important for both guys and gals. In a relatively new relationship myself right now. What I find most attractive about my guy is his kindness and he being motivated to be the best he can be. I reciprocate this too. We are both motivating each other and the combination of the two of us is we are enhancing each other. So if we are changing in any way it is because we are motivated within ourselves using the other as inspiration. Definitely not making demands or ultimatums to each other.

    I’m no expert in this area but I thought sharing my own personal experience from a female point of view would be helpful. So love your article because it encourages you to focus on yourself and look after yourself first. Plus to continue to do that in the relationship, after all, that’s the version she was originally attacted too in the first place. Be yourself and the right woman to complement you will turn up in your life. And don’t dismiss the unexpected too!


    As a lady, a man that shows dedication, commitment and discipline will not lose me in the first place. I’ve learned a lot from this post because I get to see what serious guys go through to win back their ladies.

    And the love message to get her back? Wow. It can really break the ice. I enjoyed reading this post.

  9. Thanks for some great information. Boy what I could have done forty years ago with this information. There are definitely some ex girlfriends that I would have loved to get back but there are also some I am glad they left. Even if I could have gotten them back that without the information contained here they would have left again with me sitting there wondering why. Thanks for the info

  10. This seem really funny to me, I wish I had this article a long time ago I would have dated some ladies for a longer period. There’s just one thing about this article that I think still needs to be added, it’s the realization that our personalities are different, what actually works for you might be because it goes in line with the kind of person you are and it might be otherwise for me, so I’ll just advice you take these clues and path them into a use able idea in respect to your person. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    1. art-togetyourgirlback.info

      I can assure you, I too wish I had this article many times before:) A couple of my early ex girlfriends were real KEEPERS! and I mucked up Many of us will take this advice in different ways. But I am sure what ever way that is, to a genuine guy it will be positive.:) 

      Best of luck with love. Cheers Rob

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