About Me

Kia Ora

My Name is Rob, i have suffered and been an emotional wreck from loosing the love of my life.

I am dedicated to pass on my knowledge threw what I hope to be inspirational stories and good ex girlfriend advice.

I have succeeded in knowing the battle of how can i get my girlfriend back and been down a long road of knowing how I could learn to keep her. It doesn’t matter to me if my advice is not something that matter or registers to you. I know what works, have proven to myself over and over. What you do is clearly your choice, and something only you can make right or wrong decisions on.

I will take this moment to let you know that if you want to ask anything, share anything, no matter what it is. YOU are welcome to create a comment below here. I will not judge, as I won’t allow anybody judge me. But I just want you to know I am here regularly and will assist where I can. I Got YOUR Back bro!

Go Win Your Girlfriend Back


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