Can I Win My Girlfriend Back? How To Win A Girl Back

What A Man Needs To Understand how To Win A Girl Back

how to win a girl back with honours

You Guy’s who want to get back your girl ? Do you love her?Or are you just lost without the sex?

If you answered yes then this page is not for YOU. I believe you would prefer something like This Website

This is strictly for the Can I Get My Girlfriend Back guys who want to be and STAY INLOVE


Love is not a game, and good girls don’t deserve any con men learning what I am going to show them…But if you are the genuine kind of guy, you will get some good advice…

If you are full of regret, and 100% sure that you are in love with the girl you just lost! Fret not my brother, there is one thing I have learned with loosing love!

This Is The Way To Win Any Girls Love Back!

One thing you must REMEMBER is the fact that, love conquers all.

However there are universal rules that you can to learn for the fight on.

how to win a girl back…

This is some real good EX GIRLFRIEND ADVICE if your wanting the real DEAL in winning a girl back

You see when you break up with a girl, it is because there has been something happening in your relationship that has caused her to become upset enough to need to get away.

Leaving you wondering how you can make it all better and win back her love? If you believe that your fighting for true love, and are prepared to put in the required effort to prove that you are the one for her, there are very good strategies to learn how to win girls back…

how to win your girl if she is unhappy
you can’t get a girl back if she ain’t happy!
The first thing you should not do, that many guys get wrong is to be!

# Calling them up

# texting them with I am sorry, please give me another chance!

Hounding a girl like that after a hurtful break up will put you at risk of loosing her for sure.

At the beginning of painful times, you need to give some time to allow healing!

And with that time you need to do some soul searching to find some very meaningful answers..

How Win A Girl Back…Means To Do It Right

Girls are temperamental, and with ex girlfriends you need to be very careful with your approach when it comes to winning your girlfriend back,  if you are dedicated to win back her love, you should spend time learning about yourself, and learning about what your girl liked about you. It is hard not to think about the bad things that may have happened, and you can’t ignore those things!

For real love you will have to change any bad habits that you may have had. Change is undeniable when you want to win your girl back for true love, in fact all the get back your ex program’s offered on the Internet start with this stage of the battle…

The True Stats Of Winning Back a Girl

I am sure you have, and can honestly say I can’t blame you,

When you’re stuck in love with an ex girlfriend I know that there is lots of pain deep down, and are most likely feeling rather absent with not having her around?

I believe that it would be safe to say that you have seen many video’s, and read plenty of articles, right? And probably are feeling a little confused and blown away with a state of information overload? I know this feeling “and it sucks

I can only imagine the skepticism you may have about all the,

Click here and I will show you the exact steps to win back a girlfriend” website’s

The big question I most regularly get asked, is what are the ,”truthful stats on actually winning my girlfriend back” ! Here I will tell you the straight talking, gods honest truth…

Much of what you have read will indeed have some great bullet points, and the real stats to win your girl back will be entirely how much you are committed to actually  getting back with your girlfriend!

There are some very clever and understanding guy’s out there that have created specific programs that do in fact teach us some very good and emotional techniques to win back a girls heart.

.But the honest truth of the matter is whether or not you are prepared to face the issues that caused you to break up in the first place, and how far you are willing to go to “show” your girl that you have learned.

There is saying that goes “you can’t help those, who won’t help themselves” and that is what you can base the real stats to getting back with your ex girl. At the end of the day many of the courses have an average 60 day money back guarantee to back what they offer…

Of course there are many that are absolute rubbish, but the way the world has advanced, you can get the secrets from guy’s whom you have always wondered what they have got, that makes girls blush at there every move…


I know exactly how you feel right now, the desperation to get back your love is not an easy emotion to fight! I have felt that pain, and I have spent many a wasted, skeptic hours and money searching for the right answers…


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14 thoughts on “Can I Win My Girlfriend Back? How To Win A Girl Back”

  1. Asking questions aare actually good thing if you are not understanding anything completely, except thuis paragraph presents fastidious understanding even.

  2. There is no right answer for such kind of thing. Winning back your ex means you still have feelings for her but this does not always go both ways. Maybe she got over you so in such a case there is no point to keep trying. There is also the matter what was the reason that the relationship failed. Because it may well be for a reason that it cannot be fixed. So it is not as simple as making the right steps to win your ex but firstly understand the reason why you broke up and if it is worth it to go for a second try. If not the world is big and no matter how much it pains there are other people that can offer you what she couldn’t.

  3. Interesting topic… Sometimes I think someone has just had enough and they don’t want to get back with someone, most especially if that person was controlling and abusive… So, if this is the problem? It’s probably too late… However, if the reason for the break up is something else, you -may- have a shot at reconciling… I just don’t buy into this ‘one size fits all’ thinking that what works to get a relationship back is the same for everybody… what are your thoughts?

    1. Thank for you 2 cents here Blakey, I do agree with your state in regarding controlling and abusive relationships, they are toxic. and this is subtly made clear at the beginning of the article here. And to answer your final thoughts bro! Real LOVE is Universal dude:) The right way WILL do more than just reunite a relationship, it does give you the insight to get to a whole new level.

  4. You’ve written some great advices in another post about how to win the ex girlfriend back and re build the love. Real love worth it to fight for it and re build it.

    I do agree that the “I am sorry, please give me another chance!” does not work at all and there should be a science behind it to make this easier. Thanks for sharing this program with us. I just have a few questions:

    Is this a video course? Do they have live events as well where I can ask questions about specific situations? Also, How much does it cost?



  5. I guess the big question is why you need to get the girl back to begin with?  If it was a toxic relationship count your blessings and move one.

    I agree with you that you can’t “chase a girl” to the point she wants you back….it works just the opposite way.  The harder you chase her the less appealing you become.   Find your self and become a better person.  You can stay in touch and sometimes it doe work out again.   Be happy just to friends for a while but you need to act like you don’t care.

  6. Hi

    Love the way you got straight to the point by asking the right question s straight of the bat.

    do you just want sex or are you serious. Love it

    Great Video.

    You are so right.  Being a girl myself. lol time after time an ex would call and say give me another chance and I would reply.

    So what as changed and the answer would be silence or something like, let’s put all that behind us because they have changed.

    I would then say what have you changed. No answer.

    This is not the way to go if your truly want someone back.

    I like the fact that you mentioned that the guy needs to look at themselves and work on themselves because this will go a long way in understanding where they went wrong in the first place.

    Then when they make contact they will have something new to offer.

    Thank you so much for this article, I really enjoyed reading it and will be back, so keep up the good work.


  7. You are so right about it being the wrong way to get a girl back by texting her and asking her to take you back soon after the breakup. Most girls I know would simply ignore these types of messages.

    I think you should take time apart as this article suggested and think about why the relationship didn’t work and if it would work out differently if you got back together. Taking this time apart can put a lot of things in perspective, and sometimes after a while, you may realise that the relationship was doomed and you just wanted her back because you were hurt at the time.


      Thanks Michel. Yea there is so many systems/programs offering this wrong kind of advice, that can lead to winning back a girlfriend but typically don’t touch on the all important cause and or future insight. I have found over the years that many blogger’s stick to the “what you want to Hear” and offer the easy solution. 

      All the best bro:)


  8. Hi,

    I think you really hit on some good points here, especially about the cooling-off period. I know that both parties need to take time to think about what they could change, and if they even want to do what it takes to make the relationship work. Without that time the insanity continues, I mean doing the same thing expecting different results. 

    Both parties have to make changes, and when they do the relationship does too either for the good or worse. However, these changes should be made because you see the need in your life to be different not because you want her back, I have never seen a person happy that makes changes for someone else and not for themselves. We all deserve to be able to be ourselves in a relationship, instead of what other people want us to be.


      Hi Lynda. That’s very reassuring for many guys coming here to see your wisdom coming from a girls prospectus. Thank you for taking time and interest to share that value.

      All the best Rob

  9. For a long time I was confused and worried and had this question in mind. How could I win her back over and to be honest I never did and I never tried at all but what I realised later is that you could really get over her. If you lose someone because of something that was having a negative effect on you and they couldn’t change that then you should just let it be. Just let things flow and you will find yourself thinking less of them and falling in love again. I however do have someone that I would want to win back, but that would be disrupting a relationship so I’ll just be single and hope she comes back on her own and it looks promising😂 thanks I enjoyed reading this.


      Hi Donny, I appreciate your comment and thoughts on this subject. However I must declare some understanding from what you touched on there. 

      We are all human and develop habits and belief that can cause negativity. It is times like this that can break/change these behaviors. If you are playing with real love and really want win back a girl these thing can be put on the table, and more often than not both parties will grow from the experience.

      To leave well alone someone who is in another relationship whether it be a rebound or not is very admirable,:) If it is meant to be, it will be. 

      Cheers Bro


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